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Urgent – The Ukraine Logistics Coalition with Ben Gordon on the Logistics of Logistics Podcast

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

The situation in the Ukraine grows more desperate every minute and the need for humanitarian aid is enormous and growing. People who work in logistics and supply chain are in a unique position to help the people of the Ukraine. To assist the people of the Ukraine in their time of greatest need, The Ukraine Logistics Coalition was formed by Ben Gordon and leaders from some of the top logistics and supply chain companies in the world.

If you can support The Ukraine Logistics Coalition with a donation of money, equipment, facilities, expertise, please contact Benjamin Gordon

About Ben


Benjamin Gordon is the Founder and Managing Partner of Cambridge Capital. He draws on a career building, advising, and investing in supply chain companies. Benjamin has led investments in outstanding firms including XPO, Grand Junction, Bringg, Liftit, and others. As CEO of BGSA Holdings, Benjamin has spent his career investing in and helping to build supply chain and technology companies. Benjamin led the firm’s efforts, advising on over $1 billion worth of supply chain transactions. Benjamin has worked with firms such as UPS, DHL, Kuehne & Nagel, Agility Logistics, NFI Logistics, GENCO, Nations Express, Raytrans, Echo Global, Dixie, Wilpak, and others. Prior to BGSA Holdings, Ben founded 3PLex, the Internet solution enabling third-party logistics companies to automate their business. Benjamin raised $28 million from blue-chip investors including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, BancBoston Ventu

res, CNF, and Ionian. 3PLex was then purchased by Maersk. Prior to 3PLex, Benjamin advised transportation and logistics clients at Mercer Management Consulting. Prior to Mercer, Be

njamin worked in his family’s transportation business, AMI, where he helped the company expand its logistics operations. Benjamin received a Master’s in Business Administration from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale College.

About Logistics Coalition

The war on Ukraine has devastated an entire region. Since February 24, tens of thousands have been killed or seriously wounded. Millions of people (and counting) have become refugees or have been forced to leave their homes. There are dozens of NGOs actively working to provide support and resources, and millions of people around the world that want to help. There are also thousands of supply chain companies capable of providing truck, air, ocean and warehousing services. However, there is no efficient way for groups to connect with each other and deliver vital supplies into affected areas. As a result, while the Ukrainian people suffer, well-meaning donors are unable to provide vital resources to the right place at the right time. The Logistics Coalition was formed to build a lean, fast, humanitarian supply chain in order to save more lives. Our initial focus is to create an online marketplace that connects NGOs, suppliers, and transportation companies. As a result, we intend to identify top priorities on the ground, fulfill them, and transport them to the people in need, all on an ongoing real-time bas

is. The long-term vision of the Logistics Coalition is to create a scalable supply chain solution that can be utilized in future disaster and crisis response.

Key Takeaways: Urgent – The Ukraine Logistics Coalition

  • Ben Gordon is the Founder of the Ukraine Logistics Coalition, which has the mission to bring Ukrainians what they need when they need it.

  • The Coalition is made up of leading logistics an supply chain companies that have come together to develop a supply chain solution to save more lives in the Ukraine and create a scalable model for future disaster relief.

  • Ukrainian civilians and the Ukrainian Army are continuing to live and resist the Russian invasion, but face overwhelming odds – they need necessities:

    • Medicine & medical products,

    • Food

    • PPE

    • Protective gear

  • The Coalition is newly formed, but already making big strides – $22 million in supplies and $2 million in funding

  • The successes include:

  • 7,500 boots sourced and delivered

  • Created a centralized, preliminary database to match supply with demand

  • Developed a network of suppliers, logistics/transportation companies and on-the-ground relief organizations ready to collaborate and get resources where they need to be

  • Created a coalition of CEOs and companies that can help, including:

    • NGOs on the ground, like ICRC, Red Cross, and JDC

    • Suppliers that can provide vital resources, like Convoy of Care, Henry Schein, and iRemedy ∙ Transportation companies that can deliver and track shipments, like SEKO Worldwide, Project44, and MEEST

  • The Ukrainians are still in desperate need. Individuals and their companies can help in the following ways:

    • Donate logistics, transportation, warehousing, supply chain services

    • Donate medicine, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, food, etc.

    • Donate technology services

    • Donate money

    • Spread the word – reach out to family, friends, work associates – especially individuals or companies that can donate the things listed above

Learn More About Urgent – The Ukraine Logistics Coalition

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